Lauri Levenfeld Photo credit: Jess Epstein

Lauri Levenfeld’s vision and passion is woven into her photography and storytelling. Levenfeld’s profound encounter with Nelson Mandela created a paradigm shift for her career where she learned the importance of connection, communication, soul and history. Forever changed she has made it her purpose to capture the evolution of imagery. Since graduating from USC’s Film School, her camera has captured the essence of Hilary Clinton, Robert Redford, Uma Thurman, Tom & Rita Hanks, Mark Zuckerberg, Nigela Lawson, Zanna Roberts Rassi and Lubov Azria to name a few. Through every encounter, Lauri uses her fashion and lifestyle photography to elevate each individual and brand creatively, personally, collectively and globally.

Inspired by the talents she photographs, Levenfeld spearheaded her brainchild The Project for Women – a forum showcasing women in fashion, technology, philanthropy and entrepreneurial giants. Lauri’s uncanny ability to connect, curate and photograph each story is a powerful testament to each woman’s journey. This platform has become a unique tool increasing visibility, brand development and collaboration while inspiring and teaching.

Lauri currently lives in San Francisco with her husband, daughter, and Brussel Griffon pup PJ (Panda Joe).

For packages on portrait, editorial, fashion,  branding and advertising, please contact Lauri directly for details and pricing.

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